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Welcome to my world!

I make my creations as Vivien Holl. I mostly thread beads, but sometimes I paint, draw computer graphics or make creations with Paverpol. My activity started such a hobby, but I would like to move forward, to develop. I started to write a blog in Deecember, 2013, where I showed my work of arts and the process of the creations. I started to write the post in English in May, 2015. After I created this website in September, 2015, what you can read in Hungarian and Englsih, too. I edit my website. This way it’s a “big” challenge for me, but it’s a good possibility to study new things at the same time.

You already can find me and follow on FacebookPinterest, Youtube and Instagram, too. 😉

If you like one of my creations, you can contact me on my e-mail. But if you would like to ask an advice or help, feel free to write to me. I do help you gladly, because I also started as a beginner. 🙂