In last month of summer, lots of creations were made to the “12 months – 12 works of arts” challenge. I show them immediately. 😉

Zsuzsa Nagy

The stitching  beads is my love! I created this set to myself, because I didn’t have occasional jewellery. I threaded it with Peyote technique. Now, this is my favourite one…

Katalin Hainer

This was the first time I framed drop and navette stones. These are what I’d like to show you now. 😉

Éva Prebendárcsik

I created this creation for a request. This is a mascot elephant what I made to my friend’s mother.

Anita Ádám

I’d like to show this tiara on the challenge. A near friend of mine asked me to create her jewelleries to her wedding day. This was the first time I created a tiara and I was really glad that I made it.

Mária Steidlné Csapó

This time, I created a simple bracelet as a summer farewell. ?

Eszter Makatics

I like to try new techniques, so I tried to make a 3D diamond painting. These tulips are what I’d like to show you this month.

Viola Brutyó

This panda baby is my August creation.

And in the end, I show you my creations – two jewellery boxes, a treasure-chest and two cats. I made all of themwith Paverpol technique.

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