This February was really cold, especially the last days. But if you can’t go out, you can create a lot. 😀 Here are the February works of arts from the “12 months – 12 works of arts” challenge and a new creator. 😉

Ivett Erdősi

I designed this necklace. 😉 I design pattern for some time and this is the newest one. 🙂 The Charm-medal…

Anita Tóth

A man might have wishes, favourite figures… and a man desired this toad. It doesn’t matter what it is… He was so happy as if he got a car. 🙂

Ildikó Bakonyvári

I made this Valentine bracelet some time ago, but somebody implored that. So I recreated this bracelet. 🙂

Zsuzsa Csandli

The CRAW set is own pattern. The lilac crochet is one of my favourite technique.

Katalin Hainer

I made this peyote set to a jean dress.

Éva Prebendárcsik

I created lots of heart medallions on February. They were gifts to my colleagues.

Ádám Anita

I’d like to show you this achat stone medal. I was thinking a lot about the setting, but I found out. 😉