ow I show you the February creations. Two people joined to the “12 months – 12 works of arts” challenge. At first, I introduce them and their creations, after I show the others’ works of arts. I got very good creations, I am happy to show them to you! ūüėČ

I’m Zsuzsa Nagy. I’ve been creating wood presents and articles for personal use for 6 years. At the first time, I made them at my workplace, but now I’m a¬†contractor for 2 years. I cut the figurines from plywood with my hand,¬†polish, after I¬†lacquer and paint.

I’m always¬†been a hobby, for eaxmple, I sewed, knitted, made¬†origamis, decoupage, threaded of beads, and I tried a lot of different tecniques. The wood is my true love, because I love the wood, I love it’s sweet and¬†touch, and my other favourite is the painting. I need both of them (wood and painting), when I create this works.

I created this paper towel holder to my daughter, because she loves the moo-cows. I cut my creations form plywood, after I paintand lacquer them. A normal size paper towel fits on the holder.


My name’s¬†Katalin Hainer, I live in Budapest (Hungary). After I saw one of my friend’s bracelet, I started to thread beads for 2 years. In the beginning, I took part in a course, where I learnt the basics and the technique. Now I’m looking for patterns on the inernet. I also familiarize myself with the¬†paper plaiting and the¬†Candy Wrapper technique.¬†In olden times, I’ve been creating pictures with¬†napkin technique, sometimes I still create something with¬†napkin. I also create¬†fridge magnets¬†form plaster. I make them for¬†occasions, for example Christmas¬†hangings. I can adopt the napkin technique with paper plaiting.

Now I show you a bracelet, what made for Swarovski beads. I planed the threading¬†for very long time, by now it’s¬†complete.


√Čva Prebend√°rcsik

My February creation is a pyrography picture again. There is a group on the Facebook, and there was a challenge, too. There was a given picture and they told how we should make it. This is my picture. The first photo was the startting base. On the second picture, I already traced the pattern to the wood. And you can see the fial result on last picture.




Anita √Ād√°m

This is one of my favourite creations. I got the stone with another¬†wonderful¬†stone from my husband. Both of them belong to my fortune stones. I was thinking a lot, before this ring was complete. I didn’t know exactly, what kind of ring I want to create, but I knew that it will be a ring. My daughter said that it looks like a fairy ring in a tale, but I think that it’s a witching rig. ūüėČ


Viola Br√ļty√≥

I show you my February cration. For the moment, I remained the simple works. I also created it from the¬†same¬†book,¬†‚ÄúGy√∂ngybŇĎl k√©sz√ľlt kabal√°k √©s talizm√°nok‚ÄĚ.


Mária Steidlné Csapó

This is a¬†programmed bracelet. It brought the owner good luck. ūüôā


Eszter Makatics

Last month, you know from my introduction that I create with lots of techniques. In February, this is why I want to show you my 3D cross stitch cottage. Now this is my current favourite.


And now I show my creation, which is a newer Paverpol picture. I used a photographic paper picture. I created the rocks and the frame with Paverpol, and I painted with Pentart acrylic paint. The size of the picture is 60 x 30 cm.


If you like it, share others, please! Thanks!

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