Now, I’ll show you the April’s works of arts. In this month, the creators send me wonderful creations, too. Let’s see, what they created…

Nagy Zsuzsa

I show you a newer plywood articles for personal use, what I cut out from plywood, polished and painted. I saw this cat, when I was looking around on the internet. Since then, I’ve been making cats in different colurs and different sizes, and now they aren’t unlike the original. This is my another favourite, what I really like to paint…

Hainer Katalin

In this month, I created not just jewels, but bookmarks as well. Now I show these bookmarks.

Prebendárcsik Éva

This is still Easter. ? My colleagues (the boys) were given theses as a present. In the first picture, you can see the original wood egg and how it looks after the burning.  The next picture is a close-up about the almost finished egg. In the 3-4. picture, you can see the course of the lacquering. I made 8 eggs.

Ádám Anita

My friend brought to me these small moonstone beads a few weeks ago. This is one of my favoutire stones. Furthermore, this is my lucky stone according to one of the horoscopes. I’d like to create some special jewels from these beads… this is it ?

Brútyó Viola

Now I show you a simple spring bug, a ladybug.

Mária Steidlné Csapó

I made these jewels as a present for a helping.