A newer year ended yesterday and today is 2018. 😉 But now, I show you the last year’s creations. 🙂

Zsuzsa Nagy

This is an a smoothed, painted hanger from a plywood. I made it to two Batman fans.

Katalin Hainer

I gave my friends little key-rings as a gift, what I threaded with Peyote technique. And I created a necklace and a bracelet to the holidays, too.

Éva Prebendárcsik

If I may do this, then my last creation will be funny. So my big challenge was the baking in December (Christmas and New Year). I like to bake and try new recipes. So I baked sticky buns and salted-cheesy bears, what I’d like to show you now. 🙂

Anita Ádám

Previously, I showed you a tiara. This necklace belongs to that tiara. I made these bridal jewelleries one of my friend. I promised that I would show you this, so I did now. 😉

Mária Steidlné Csapó

The December was a creative month. 😉 💞

Makatics Eszter

I’d like to thank Vivien for the opportunity and thank you for your interest in 2017. And I wish you Happy New Year! 🙂

And in the end, I show you a newer Paverpol picture – Life is beautiful. I would like to thank you for your interest all year and thank the creators for the many-many works of arts. 🙂 Watch my Facebook page, because the challenge will continue (with a few modifications). 😉

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