May had already happened. Wonderful works of arts were made in May, too. Let’s see who what created!

JG Soutache

This month I’d like to show you a simpler creation. It’s name is “Aztecan gold”. You can wear it a ceremony or an ordinary occasion, too.

Jász Gabriella 2019. május

Györgyi Demeter Adorjáni

I show you a simple purple set in May. The necklace and the bracelet are beaded crochet. The earrings were made beaded embroidery technique.

Demeter Adorjáni Györgyi 2019. május

Ildikó Bakonyvári

It’s my May creation. I really like this Russian spiral pattern with straw beads.

Bakonyvári Ildikó 2019. május

Ilona Hollenczerné Balogh

Last weeks I’ve been shown my storybook to students. 25-30 little children took part in these events. I also showed the bead-animals. I created them with bigger beads, so they can see them at distance. Fefe were made by 4, 6 and 8 mm beads. Before long, I will create my other bead-animals in bigger size, too.

Hollenczerné Balogh Ilona 2019. május

Katalin Hainer

I threaded this with peyote technique by crystal straw beads and I decorated it with pico bead trim. I think it’s gently elegant.

Hainer Katalin 2019. május

Anita Ádám

Last days I was thinking about blue colors. My daughters feel that the summer is coming (even the weather doesn’t look good). So I wanted to create something quick and showy jewel. I found this small blue stone in my bag and it turns to this necklace.

Ádám Anita 2019. május

Ádám Anita 2019. május

Ádám Anita 2019. május

And now I show you my May work of arts. 4 pcs 16 x 16 cm, spring, Paverpol pictures with napkins. 😉 I made them to the “Győrsági Levendulanapok”, what will be on 16th June.

Paverpol - Small, pictures with napkin

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