This May was really interesting… And not only because I’ve learned so much, and I created a new post types on my Facebook page (and there will be more new blog posts soon), but also because we have new members for the challenge! So, firstly let’s see they’re introducing and work of arts. 😉

Márti Nemeth

I’m Márta Németh. My original profession was an accountant. So far, the creating was only a hobby for me. This year, I give a present to myself for my 50th birthday – the the joy of a restart. So the joy of making unique handicrafts came the most important thing in my life. In addition to a variety of techniques, I mostly create Paverpol paintings, bearing in mind the importance of recycling. I hope that I can bring more joy to others with my pictures than these creation means to me.

I created the first picture on a 40×40 cm canvas. The title is Women. It was made from a variety of leftover textiles and strings. The heads are made of gypsum. In the end, I added dynamic colors to the image with acrylic paint.

The other picture is my last job. It’s an 30×30 cm wood fiber base picture with leftover textiles. The end result is 50×55 cm painting. There’s a gypsum head in the middle. The tilte is Fireflower.

Márti Németh 2020. May

Márti Németh 2020. May

Illésné Oncz

I’m Ilike Illésné Oncz. I tried many techniques – weaving from paper baskets, making flowers from stockings, making jewelry from beads, and now making pictures from strips of paper. It takes a lot of patience and endurance to do this, but I love it. 🙂

Illésné Oncz 2020. May

Erzsike Molnárné

I am Erzsike Molnár Ferencné. The love of beading has captivated me for more than 20 years. I really like to make bead objects, Christmas decorations and of course jewelries. I learned several techniques in a self-taught way, and that’s how I evolved year after year. I’m part of several beaded groups, and I feel very good myself in the “Legyen mesés gyöngyéleted” group, where we help each other with the other bead lovers. In May, I made several creations, including this wedding jewelry set, what I made for my future daughter-in-law for their marriage to my son in August.

I’d also like to show you earrings made of the same pattern. I really liked this pattern, so I made it in several color combinations.

Erzsike Molnárné 2020. May

Erzsike Molnárné 2020. May

Tünde Wenneszné Wally

In preparation for summer, this time I will show you a bracelet with cream and red shades. Originally, I chose a bright and darker shade of purple. Unfortunately, in this case it has been proven that it is not always possible to hit the right colors at first. Sometimes it is necessary to make some variations. One of the pictures shows the difference between the two purples doesn’t look. That was the case with the crochet, so I restitched it. For the second time, I feel like this is what I want. 🙂

Tünde Wenneszné Wally 2020. May