It’s a new year, but the challenge is the same 🙂 Now I would like to show you the 1st work of arts from “52 weeks – 52 works of arts” challenge in 2016. That is to say they are some bead-chicks 🙂

You can already read about a tale on my website, which title is “Bead-chicks and their friends”. If you don’t read it yet (and you can speak Hungarian :), you can find the tale here: Bead-chicks and their friends. I’v been drawing the illustrations to the tales, which you can read in book form (in Hungarian). If you would like to buy a book, write here: Gyöngycsibék és barátai.

And soon you can get the little bead-chicks – so I made some bead-chicks 🙂

Here the first chick, Taréj Lali comes.


The others came, too.


There is a newer chick teams on the background.


And there are some newer chick teams 😀 How many are they?


This is a little help:


And here this is a newer help. All right I give away – 11 chcik teams. That is to say you can see 66 bead-chicks.


And a little game is in the end – where is the odd one out? I mean the odd chick out 😀