Now I would like to show you the 22nd work of arts from “52 weeks – 52 works of arts” challenge in 2016. In other words, there are 5 little spiders 😀

Okay, some spiders are little bigger. I threaded them with delica beads, metal and acrylic beads. You can find the original pattern here. But the photography was interesting this afternoon. Because my camera wrote out that “someone might have blinked “! I don’t know which spider did that, but I don’t think that I’ll hold them in my room 😀 

At once, I show them 🙂 The first time I show the big ones, after the small ones. 

Kék-fehér pók

Kék-fehér-sárgás pók

Pici kék-fehér pók 2.

Pici kék-fehér pók

Pici zöld-fehér pók

That was when “someone might have blinked”.

5 pók egy tökön

Thank you for you read my post! 🙂

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