I would like to show you the 47th work of arts from “52 weeks – 52 works of arts” challenge. These are Christmas stars with beads.

The stars were made last week. Unfortunately, when I was writing this post yesterday, I couldn’t add pictures to this post. Now, the pictures are important, too. In this morning the text also disappeared what I wrote yesterday. In this way this post will be quite “new” post. Well, then, let us see!

The preparations for Christmas was lasted in the shops for weeks.  Although it’s only November. So I decided that I will start the preparations with Christmas starts. It’s a plus surprise – I will upload pictures about the making the next posts, step by step. In this way, if you like, you can make these creations, too. If you need help, you can find me here or the Facebook.

Originally, I planed to make this star. But it appeared that I have few extra long straw beads.

DSC07062 másolata

So I made a small modification. The lenght of the wire is 160 cm, the beads are 3 and 6 mm in diameter, the lenght of the straw beads are 15 mm. Here are the steps:

DSC07063 másolata

DSC07065 másolata

DSC07064 másolata

Altogether you have to make 12 pointed. Pay attention to the beginning and the end of the new pointed, because they are tricky!

DSC07066 másolata

DSC07067 másolata

DSC07068 másolata

The two pointed are already finished. Make sure you work with the wire on either side!

DSC07069 másolata

DSC07077 másolata

After the eleventh pointed you have to work with the wire on either side. You have to thread one-one big beads.

DSC07078 másolata

DSC07079 másolata

After you drew together, you have to thread the last pointed.

DSC07080 másolata

DSC07081 másolata

And the star is finished.

DSC07082 másolata

When I was threaded it, a new idea comes to my mind. So I tried it. Can you see the difference?

DSC07099 másolata

This is a little help – the two stars are side by side 🙂

DSC07100 másolata

Bonus picture – there are the originally star and the two new stars together.

DSC07101 másolata