“The one who given the ability for creation to,
it is given the ability for immortality to.”

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka

I make my creations as Vivien Holl. Originally, I started to write a blog, because I wated to show you my creations – paintings, beads and another creations, and show how I made them. Since then, I changed and uploaded my website, for example you can read it in English, I show other creator’s works, I have a webshop, where you can buy my creations or materials, and I have courses in Hungary.

I’ve always liked to create or try new techniques. I’ve been stitching beads more than 15 years. The first time it was just a hobby, but now I know lots of bead techniques. In chronologically, my mother taught me how to thread beads very soon. Since that time I have been learning a lot about thread beads – bracelets, necklaces, figures, flowers, trees, etc. I took part in the first “Beads Party” of 24 hours in 2002. It is a famous Hungarian programme in Gyarmat, Hungary – we have many Hungarian Records and we have set a Guinness Record, as well. I took part in every year until 2011. Now my favourite techniques are peyote and beadpoints (tapestry with beads). I create jewelleries and pictures with peyote technique. And even if I need more time to prepare a tapestry with beads than a traditional gobelin, I think the result is more more beautiful.

I  participated in  Drawing on the right side of the brain course in Hungary and in another course with colorful technique (Karneol Studio, Győr, Hungary), but my ruling passion was the thread beads for years. I met a painter, Hajnalka Beőthy Élő, in Győr (Hungary) in 2013. While I was learning from her, my painter knowledge has imporved well within a short time.

In 2015, I left the university and I graduated a Graphic OKJ course (OKJ menas National Qualifications Register) in TopSchool, Budapest (Hungary) in 2016. Adam Kuttner has been giving me lots of good advice and ideas during the course and since I finished it.

I learnt a new technique, the Paverpol, from Judit Katonáné Tóth in 2016. This is a textile- and decoration hardener, which you can create reliefs, figurines, sculptures, etc. I created some sculpture since I learnt this technique, but I love to create pictures. I took part in an instructor workshop on April, 2017. Veronika Várallai showed us how she create her picture. Then I created an “irregular” picture – I mixed her style and my style of the day. I’m very glad to met her and got a change to learn from her.

And I will had my first exhibiton in Pápa (Hungary) on February, 2018. I hope lots of exhibitions will follow it. 😉

Have a good looking on my website! If you have a question, write to me a message! 😉

Vivien Holl

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