Believe it or not, this is my 100th posts since I started to write a blog. I meditationed a lot on what I’m writing now. Finally, I decided that I’m writing a summary about what happened till now.

9th December, 2013 – I decided that I show others my creations and the process of the creations, too. Therefore I started to write on a free blog. Unfortunatelly, the impetus ran out quickly, I wrote total 12 posts next year.

magyar blog

11th August, 2014 – I created a Facebook page, it’s title is ‘Alkotások szigete”.


January, 2015 – I saw a post on my painter friend’s facebook, who made 52 creations in 52 weeks in 2014. I made a decision and joined her challenge in 2015. It appeared that it isn’t an easy challenge, but, luckily, I managed to do this 🙂 Moreover, I wrote a post every week.

52 hét

April, 2015  –  I started to write my blogh in English, too. I registered another free blog and translated my all posts. I published the new website on 8th May.

angol blog

August, 2015 – I wrote two blogs in two websites. So I bought a hosting and a domain name. After I started to develop my new website.

12th September, 2015 – I decided that I publicised my website. I’ve been developing, when I have time. It’s difficult, because it’s a complete new field for me. Moreover, I increased the number of my posts to two. It’s not that easy, either 😀

February, 2016 – there are new development on my website – I created Gallery, Home and renamed my blog to “The island of creations – Blog”. I renamed my facebook page, too. The name of the new page is “Alkotások szigete / The island of creations”, because the number of my Englsih readers is more and more. And I also have some new plans 🙂


24th March, 2016 – now I’m writing the 100th post. In fact it’s the 200th posts, because I have 100 Hungarian posts and 100 English posts 😀 Now I would like to show you the best moments, which I owe to YOU. I see how many people read my website and it motivates me and inspires me to write this website in the future, too. Once again I warmly THANK YOU


The best moments

These are some favourite on Facebook

12/52 – Easter eggs – it reached 1450 people


Christmas … fondant – it reached 1198 people


Let’s think about a little bit bigger thing… – it reached 677 people


29th February, 2016 -the 100th Facebook like

facebook5 - 100 like

Here you can see where you read my website. When I took this picture in the afternoon, somebody was reading my website on Budapest 😀


And this is my favourite post, which my mother wrote about me on her blog (“Anya, fűzz velem gyöngyöt!”).

nem esik