This March probably went completely different for everyone than they planned… Because of the virus, a lot of things have changed, there were been a lot of new situations that we had to react to almost immediately… But luckily, a small piece of creations still fits into the lives of every challenger, and someone even created it with her children. 😉 Let’s see the March creations of the “12 months – 12 works of arts” challenge.

Tünde Wenneszné Wally

I made two unique bead embroidered pendants in March. Their main colors are different shades of purple and pink. The cabochons, what are in the middle of the pendants, are also handcrafted products. They made by Annie Mood to my great delight. 😊 Thanks, Annie! ❤ You can find here Anna’s page: Annie Mood

Tünde Wenneszné Wally 2020. March

Tünde Wenneszné Wally 2020. March

Tünde Wenneszné Wally 2020. March

Tünde Wenneszné Wally 2020. March

JG Soutache

Well, this month’s been a tough one for everyone. However, the most important thing is to look out for each other and preserve our positivity. No matter how dark it is, there’s always hope.

Gabriella Jász 2020. March

Ilona Hollenczerné Balogh

This month, I’m back to the making dices. I threaded them with 4 mm beads. I combined the wax beads with diamond-shaped acrylic beads. 😉 I think they’re more showy than if they were just dices with acrylic beads.

Ilona Hollenczerné Balogh 2020. March

Anita Ádám

I mostly created with my daughters in March. We painted stones… that was the best fun. Viki was just painting paint blob on the stone, so her stones are so colorful. Noémi painted a tree on it, Reni blurred the half-finished work to get something to start over. 😀 They were so cute, I got in the mood to paint stones… It’s not a real thing, but it was a good time. 🙂 But I created tiwh wire, too.