This will be a little bit different post. Because I’m writing about the “Bigyi-Bogyó Bolt”.

What is the “Bigyi-Bogyó Bolt”? Do you remember for example, the bead-chicks?

Babarózsa Babi

Or the necklaces?

Green, wine-red, blue necklaces

Well, now you can buy these creations in “Bigyi-Bogyó Bolt”. (It’s a Hungarian webshop.) Moreover we opened now, so there is a prize 😉 If you click the pictures, you can reach the webshop. And if you buy something and you’re lucky (and you live in Hungary, becasuse now we ship only Hungary) , the mug with bead-chicks is yours.

Bigyi-Bogyó Bolt

Have a good looking around! Feel free to share the news! 😉 We are at the very beginning, and who knew, maybe we will also ship to abroad later 🙂 )

 Thank you for you read my post! 🙂

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