I read about the National Handmade Exhibition (Budapest, Hungary) in last year. But the location was far for me, so I entered my two tapestries with beads for another exhibition in Győr. In this year, I decided that I would be that exhibition in Budapest!

The National Handmade Exhibition will be in Campona (Budapest) from 13th May to 20th May. You can enter 5 works of art, so I decided that I would enter 2 pictures. Yes, but I had to carry them to Budapest. This is why, I made a big package and travelled by bus, by rail and by local bus to Budapest, (37-45. Nagytétényi Street). I left my home at 7 o’clock. Fortunately, I catched the train and the local bus, too. This way, I could enter for the exhibition about 10:30. They really liked my pictures. What pictures? Do you remember my tapestry with beads called Spring? You could read about it in this post: 52 weeks – 52 works of arts -12th work of arts – Spring

Alfons Mucha - Tavasz/Alfons Mucha - Spring

Now, you can see live this 25 x 65 cm tapestry with beads in Budapest. And what is the another picture? It’s a surprise! But I have a feeling, if you visit the exhibition, you will recognize it at once. 😀

Furthermore you can meet with me tomoorow. Because the opening of the exhibition will be on 313. first floor, 37-45. Nagytétényi Street, Budapest on 13th May, 13 o’clock. I hope we will meet.


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