Koi fishes

Yesterday, I show you some detail photos on my facebook page, but I didn’t show the finished picture. Today I show it and you can see how I created this picture… 😉

First, I collected the materials what I wanted to use – sometimes the original idea changes, while I’m creating, so I didn’t use up all materials.

I built up the picture – first I made the stencils, next I applied the textiles with Paverpol, and the other materials with Paverpol and Paverplast+Paverstone+Paverpol mix – wood figurines, metal bead-cups, glass stones, stickers, artificial flowers, paper circles, etc. There isn’t sour cream in the sour cream box (Tejföl), it’s Paverpol 😀 (the big Paverpol is heavy, so I portion out into a normal Paverpol box and a “tejföl” box 😀 ).

The next step is the painting. I have to pay attention, when I paint the first layer (there are lots of small details). But after that, my favourite part comes, the galzing, when the interesting forms  come in sight. 🙂 I changed the colors of the flowers a few times. 😀

And here is the finished koi fish picture and some detail photos:


What dou you think about it? Would you like to see it on your wall? 😉

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