I show you my photos about the National Handmade Exhibition in Budapest, which I photographed on Saturday…

My mother and I left at home soon on Saturday. So we could be in the Campona at half past 10. We had to wait a lot to 13 o’clock, but I think that it was a good decision, because I could take photos. There was a huge crowd at quater to 13 – lots of people were standing outside… There was lots of wonderful creations, the judges had to make hard decisions. Unforunately, I didn’t win a prize. But I was surprised, because there were more tapestry with beads.

On the next photos I will show you my pictures, and after that my favourite pictures…

Can you see the Spring? 😉

There  is a close-up:

And can you find my another creations? 😉 It is near me. 😉

Unfortunately, they put it next to the wall, so you can see only one side. 🙁 The best part of this picture is that you don’t have to put it next to the wall – you can put it on the middle of a table or a divider self. And you can see both two sides (the peyote picture is between two glass plates).

But I could take good photos. 😀 How it’s shining, isnt’t it?

And now I show you the full exhibiton. The truth is that the best thing is to see them live. 😉 Click to the arrow and you can see the photos.

And there are some close-up photos about my favourites… First, the Mucha pictures – There are so much Spirng in one room. 😀

And you can see their “creator”, too. 😉 Bea Percsiné created this picture and you can see both sides such as my peyote picture. On the picture, he’s Alfons Mucha.

On the next pictures, you can see cross stitch pictures, gobelins and tapestries with beads, and PixelHobby pictures.

Which one is your favourite? I’m interested in your answer. 😉


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