The title of this post is “This year made a good start”. Why? If you also follow my posts on my Facebook page, then you probably know the reason. If you don’t follow it (yet), then here is a short summary. 😉

  • January 2nd – I got into the Praktika Magazin – the Creators of Creative Tuesday (it’s a Hungarian Facebook page). Furthermore, my post is the first post this year. 😉 Clikk on the picture and you can read the interview (I hope the translator will translate correctly 🙂 ).

  • January 3rd – I wrote a post – The challenge continues: 12 months – 12 works of arts. 6 people already applied for the challenge and two of them already sent me their introduction. Don’t you know what this challenge means? Then click on the picture! If you like it, join us! 😉

  • January 4th – I restarted my Youtube channel. I hope I manage to upload 1-2 new video on every months this year. And now, you already can find a new video. 😉

  • January 5th – I uploaded my four pictures to the Pentart’s competition of previous day. They liked very much one of my new creation, so they shared it on their Facebook page and their website. And which ones those pictures what I uploaded? Click on the pictures and you can read the short descriptions, too. 😉 (It’s also Hungarian, but I uploaded 3-4 pictures about the making.)

Full moon (Telihold)

The calm before the storm (Vihar előtti csend)

Savanna (Szavanna)

Koi fishes (Koi pontyok)

  • and last week, there are 15 new likes on my Facebook page. I think I will have 500 likes in a short time. 😀

How did your first week go? I hope it was lucky, too. 😉

If you like this post, share others, please! Thanks! 😉

Nap és hold