What is the beadpoints? Do you know the tapestry (needlepoint or gobelin)? I’m sure that you have heard of it. You can embroider printed canvas with embroidery threads. There are many different stitch types. I sew my pictures with half cross tent stitch.

Well, the beadpoint is also a gobelin, but you sew it with thread, beading needle and beads instead of embroidery threads. I need more time, but the result is worth it.

How did I get up there? Thanks to my mother, I always like to create. I embroidered a few smaller tapestries (10 x 15 cm), but when I started a bigger one, I always lost my mood. Once my mother sew a small tapestry with beads. I liked it, but I put aside the topic of the sewing tapestries. Instead of I stitch beads.



After that, I was given a 21 x 30 cm tapestry as a present at one of my birthday. There are two horses on this picture, because I love the horses. And I decided that I would sew it with beads. I selected the beads and I started to sew it. It was in 2007.

I really liked the technique, so I embroidered my next tapestries with this technique. I gave my next two 21 x 30 cm gobelins as a present.

In 2009, I took part in a Tapestry Exhibition on Pápa (Hungary). I got a honorable prize. (www.papa-ma.hu)

My fourth tapestry is 30 x 40 cm. I sewed it at request. The title is Fishers. The size of my fifth picture is also 21 x 30 cm, the title is Lassie.


Alfons Mucha - Spring

My sixth tapestry is an Alfons Mucha tapestry, the title is Spring. The size of the picture is 25 x 65 cm, and it took a long time to finish it. You could follow the making on my website, because I showed photos about how I sewed it. I also took part in an exhibition with this tapestry in Győr (Hungary).

Now I started to sew a newer big tapestry, I’ll show you photos about the making in a short time.

If you liked one of the pictures (currently Lassie and Spring for sale) or have any questions,
you send me a message to info@vivienholl.com I’ll answer soon.

See more of my creations here: