The peyote isn’t a bead technique of today. You can find it in many cultures, or example ancient Egyptian artifacts or the Native American culture. Nowadays, there are lots of patterns with this technique on the net and you can find descriptions about the technique.

I didn’t learn this technique from the net. I learnt it from a book in 2012. (I have lots of books about beading.) The title of this book is „Gyöngyfűzés – Peyote karkötők” by Eszter Vincze (this is a Hungarian book, the title is Beading – Peyote bracelets). I created my first bracelet from one of the pattern of this book, but I didn’t use Delica beads. The result was a little bit different, so I decided that I would buy Delica beads – the price of these beads can be 5-6 times more than the price of the small beads (it depends on where you buy the beads). But I think that it’s worth, because the difference is spectacular.



I also read about this technique in two books: Schmuck in Peyote-Technik by Heike Delhez and The Beader’s Bible by Claire Crouchley. But I rather designed my own patterns, mainly geometric patterns for the next years.

I’m interested in feng shui, so I created some not geometric creations. The pattern of the dragon wasn’t mine, but the pattern of the bracelet is mine. The inscription of the bracelet means that the dreams come true. This is a mascot for me and I hope that it’ll be true.

Today I create my jewels (jewelleries sets) with nickelfree materials.


The Sun and the Moon

As I wrote that there are lots of patterns on the net. I wanted to depart these patterns, to create something new. The start of 2015, I had a new idea. On summer, I designed and made the first pattern, which was a 14,5 x 14,5 cm picture.

Meanwhile I had to think a lot about framing and searched, because the frame wasn’t traditional. You can see the both side of the picture. Nobody accepted the framing. They said it’s impossible. But fortunately, I found a joiner who made the frames about my plan.

However, I had to wait a lot of time – the bigger jobs were important, so I started to look for alternatives to my new pictures. And finally, I found one in September, 2016. This was the Paverpol technique. It was take a few weeks, while I got the missing materials, but I managed to make the first frame in November. And I’ll frame my newer picture with this technique.

A sunset with a horse

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